Test with Cheek Swab

Test with Cheek Swab

The testing process is simple and no special training is required to collect the sample, which is obtained by brushing cells from the inside of the cheek. You will receive brushes and sample collection instructions in the Test Kit. Orders within the continental U.S. will likely be received within 1-2 weeks.


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  • Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive an order confirmation with a sample identification number. Please print one copy of the confirmation for your records and one copy to include in your shipment.


When you are ready to submit your dog's sample, ship your package using your preferred carrier. Please see our Shipping Information for further details.

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Blood sample or cheek swab?

DNA obtained from a dog’s blood is the same DNA that would be obtained from that dog’s cheek cells using a swab. We allow submission of either sample because blood is often the sample preferred by veterinary hospitals while cheek swabs are generally preferred by dog owners.