Instructions for Use of the MDR1 Test Kit*

NOTE: It is IMPORTANT THAT FOOD PARTICLES ARE NOT INCLUDED with the cheek cells sampled from the mouth. Obtain samples from dogs at least 30 minutes after eating to avoid contamination with food particles.

Sample Collection Instructions in Video

Label the Brushes

Use the two brushes provided for each dog sampled. Label the paper backing of each brush package with the dog's name, and your first and last name (or name of the Veterinary Hospital), using a pen or permanent marker.

Taking the Samples

  1. Remove the brush from the package. Use the two brushes provided for each dog sampled.
  2. Hold the brush handle between your thumb and forefinger. Roll the inner surface of the upper lip to the outside by inserting a finger in the corner of the mouth and pulling the lip upwards.
  3. Place the bristles of the brush on the inner surface of the cheek.
  4. Release the lip, leaving the brush inside the mouth and steady the dog's muzzle by circling the nose with one hand, gently keeping the dog's mouth closed.
  5. Move the brush back and forth for a short distance in the space between the inner cheek and gum, twirling the brush around with your thumb and forefinger as it is moved back and forth. Do not push the tip of the brush into the soft tissues of the mouth. The side bristles will be brushing on the surface of the cheek.
  6. Continue for 20-30 seconds (about 20 to 30 back and forth motions) using the same pressure you would use to brush your teeth.

Repeat sampling on the other side of the mouth using the remaining brush. If multiple dogs are being sampled wash your hands between dog samplings.



Tip: A few swipes will not get enough cheek cells to run the test! Be sure to brush long enough.

* This technology is protected by US patents 6,790,621 and 7,393,643; Australian patent 2002249946; European patent pending.